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An introduction to data science and how it’s used in daily life. Get started here.

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Program overview

DataSetGo is a first-of-its-kind digital education program designed to empower youth with the knowledge of data science fundamentals and its value in the job market. Students will learn how to apply data science concepts in the finance industry and to build their personal financial literacy and wellness. This program consists of two digital courses designed for high school students, Data Science Foundations and Data Science Exploration: Financial Wellness.

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What was the most memorable or surprising thing that you learned about data science and how will you use this new knowledge in your career, to advance your personal financial goals, or in other parts of your life?



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Curriculum details

Data Science Foundations is comprised of four modules, each of which takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. Scholars will learn the key terminology, data science concepts, analysis basics, and understand how different industries use data science and employ data scientists. They will recognize how data science concepts can be used in life and work.

Module 1

What is Data Science?

Gain basic knowledge about the field of data science and how data is used to inform, decide, and predict

Module 2

Collecting, Cleaning, and Validating Data

Discover the methods used to collect, clean, and validate data

Module 3

Analyzing and Visualizing Data

Learn about the processes of analyzing and visualizing data & different ways that data can be presented

Module 4

Reporting and Acting on Data

Understand the uses of dashboards & reports and how they impact business decisions

Data Science Exploration: Financial Wellness helps users learn how data science is used in the financial industry and specific careers that utilize data science. An interactive simulation gives learners a chance to practice applying data science concepts to identify financial wellness solutions for common issues faced by young adults. This course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.



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